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Testimonials From Clients And Referral Sources

See what some of our clients and referral sources are saying about their partnership with Bedford Financial.

Testimonials from Clients

"We are no longer managers of our store...we now own it thanks to you."

"Since we got all of this started I have mentioned your name to banking folks in town who either knew you or heard about you. All of them spoke very highly of you and what you do at Bedford. I can truly say they were right on target with their comments."

"When all our options seemed came through for us. We were able to purchase a building with our loan along with reducing our overall debt service by $2000/month. More helped us save jobs! Thanks and Happy Holidays!"

"Thanks for all you did for us. We have had another job come up and we are working on that one now. I would not have considered it were it not for the credit facility you set up for us. We expect to grow from 9 to 23 employees now."

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help.....We have gone from 8 employees to 29. All of you played a huge part in us getting ahead. Thank you so much again and hope we can meet and have lunch sometime."

"I have had an extremely positive experience with Bedford Financial.  In fact, the best experience that I have ever had with any financial institution.  They have been extremely responsive and proactive in helping me obtain small business financing.  They knew exactly where to send me and were there supporting me every step of the way.  I am so happy that I had their help and will absolutely plan to use them again in the future, and refer others to them."

"I can make payroll tomorrow!!!! You are the magic man"

Banking Professional

Testimonials from Referral Sources

"I just wanted to say thank you for being so responsive and helping my customer,... He stopped by the office today and just sang your praises with helping him grow and expand his business. This was a great business solution for him. I know that I now have a customer for "life"..... It is always wonderful to have a financial partner that can help my customers in their greatest times of need."

"I give your name out to all of our commercial bankers on our team. I tell them they need to have you guys as a resource!"

"....I always tell my customers I look good when I refer someone to Bedford Financial!"

"...I was referred a prospect that had a lending need. Unfortunately, based on the collateral terms, we were unable to move forward with his request. Luckily, I had a great relationship with Bedford Financial. I was able to forward them over to see if they could help out. Because of this connection and not being a typically banker that just says no, he decided to move over his relationship to our financial institution. No other banker out there gave him an alternative. Having Bedford Financial available with needs such as this can really add value not only to the client but also the banker..."


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