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Small Business ADMINISTRATION (SBA) Loans

Contact the experienced professionals at Bedford Financial to learn more about SBA loans. 

  • Loan size can range from $350,000 to $2,000,000 or up to $5,000,000 with real estate (USDA can go even higher). In some cases, we can start at $125,000.
  • The use of proceeds can be for the acquisition of a business (including manager and partner buyouts), commercial real estate, debt restructuring, and some startups. Not available for working capital only, but can include working capital as part of the deal.
  • Can incorporate other non-real estate debt and offer a 25-year term with no balloons and no calls
  • Goodwill alone can be financed on business acquisitions.
  • Will even consider gas/convenient stores, hotels, and in some cases, restaurants and startups (especially franchise startups)
  • USDA loans also available


  • SBA 7a loan was provided for a $3,000,000 business acquisition with only goodwill and equipment. (Small amount of personal assets and real estate pledged).
  • A customer was on a rent-to-own arrangement with his landlord and had the opportunity to purchase the building. The customer had two bankruptcies during the past 25 years, but we were still able to get a $940,000 loan to finish this purchase. We used prior rent-to-own payments as his cash injection, so no money was needed to put down on this transaction.
  • A brother and sister were given the opportunity to acquire a store they had managed for a combined 39 years. They received an SBA 7a loan for $1,200,000 in spite of weak personal financials.
  • A convenient store referred to us by an asset resolution department refinanced $1,300,000 via SBA 7a.
  • A $500,000 exterior corridor hotel was acquired via SBA 7a loan.
  • We assisted a restaurant with a $1.9MM SBA 7a loan to purchase a building, allowing them to expand their business from lunch only to full service.

SBA 7a Term Loans

  • Designated for working capital and debt refinance
  • Loan size between $30,000 and $350,000
  • Must be in business 2 years with positive cash flow and minimum 650 credit score
  • Prime +2.75% with 10 year term
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Personal collateral is not required
  • A restaurant got a 504 loan but needed to supplement with a $75,000 7a loan for working capital.
  • A contractor received $250,000 to help fund projects unavailable through other means.

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