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Equipment Leasing/Financing

Equipment Leasing/Financing

The financial specialists at Bedford Financial can assist you with the equipment needs of your growing business. Come to us for attentive service and knowledgeable advice.

Leased Backhoe
  • Loan size beginning at $5,000
  • $1 buyout at end of lease
  • No down payment or penalty for early payoff
  • Application only required for up to $125,000
  • Limited options where equipment is purchased from a private party
  • The pricing is more competitive when the client has been in business for 2 years and has a 650 credit score.  

  • A client had his truck stolen and was waiting on gap insurance to pay off the loan balance. The client was immediately able to secure a new truck via a 5-year, $1 buyout lease, which prevented any disruption in business.
  • A client received a $45,000 equipment lease within two days of applying.
  • A restaurant received a $25,000 equipment loan for point of sale system and other items.
  • A spa needed working capital and equipment. We arranged both a line of credit and equipment leasing.


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